Available Type:

Party Waer Dhoties,Traditional Slik Border,Fancy border, Jori border,Panchakacham Dhoties

Available Size:

Specialized in 9*5, 10*6

Cotton Dhoties

These cotton dhoties are worn by men in India during auspicious occasions and festivals. There is a traditions attach to this attire and hence is given preference during special events. We manufacture dhoties using pure cotton that is procured from reliable sources. The length, color and thickness can be customized as per the client requirement.

Traditional Silk Border Dhoties

We present an array of Silk border dhoties specially manufactured with jari work perfect to be worn on any special occasion. Moreover their traditional patterns and soothing colours enhances its look that suits various occasions.

Silk Cotton Dhoties

We Offer The polyster Dhoties A range of Silk and Cotton dhotis, to be gifted for traditional occasions and festivals! They will prove a great gift to your Dad, Grand dad, Uncle and every man, who has a touch of tradition in his dressing up!

9*5 Dhoties

It's a indian Dhoti Chader Set which is basically used for Puja Purpose, available in different colours.